MDOC Runs Death Camps: COVID-19 Pandemic in Michigan’s Overcrowded, Understaffed, and Deteriorating Prisons

This article, written on May 21, 2020, provides a detailed account of the multiple failures of the MDOC and how during the COVID-19 pandemic these failures have turned the already-deadly prison system into a system of death camps. It ends with a call for the legislature and the governor to grant 90-day time cuts and repeal the Truth-In-Sentencing act.

Lack of Social Distancing Causes COVID-19 Explosion in Michigan’s Aging and Overcrowded Prisons

Rand and Kenneth Smith’s open letter to Gretchen Whitmer laying out the two options she has to allow social distancing during the corona crisis: either let people out immediately (shrinking the cost of the prison system) or open up previously closed facilities (expanding the cost of the prison system).

Bend the Bars 2019: Seven Strategies to Reduce the Numbers and Suffering of Michigan Prisoners

I’m presenting you with seven strategies which, if effectively and aggressively carried out, are well within reach in Michigan, based on the rapidly evolving situation which has engendered the collapse of its school systems and roads, brought about in part by the massive expenditure of $2 billion a year on its state prison system, give or take a few millions.